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Windsor Elementary 4th Grade and the Animal Rescue League of Iowa are partnering to create "Critter Camp". The 4th grade classrooms will be caring for small animals from the ARL that are in need of foster care until they are ready for adoption. This blog will share about our foster critters' progress and their search for their forever home.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Ms. Johnson's bunny camper started her first day today.  We have been posting name suggestions on our class webpage for the past week, but we have selected "Winter" for her name, and have also started calling her "Winnie" a little too.  We felt it was fitting because she is fluffy white and joined us on the coldest days of the year.  Her first day was pretty mellow.  She checked out her sweet new cage and pretty much settled down in the litter box for the afternoon.  She likes to push all her litter to one side and lie down on the bare bottom.  She did sneak out and snack on her lettuce and a few pellets.

The students were beside themselves with excitement, but did an amazing job of staying calm and making Winter feel at home.  After they left, Ms. Johnson set up the exercise pen and let her explore a bit more in the quiet.  She was one happy bunny!  She hopped around, snacked on her veggies and gave herself some massages on the bars.  Hopefully tomorrow she can be out in her exercise pen all day while the kids are here.  Check back for videos and more information on Winter!

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