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Windsor Elementary 4th Grade and the Animal Rescue League of Iowa are partnering to create "Critter Camp". The 4th grade classrooms will be caring for small animals from the ARL that are in need of foster care until they are ready for adoption. This blog will share about our foster critters' progress and their search for their forever home.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

New Campers Coming Tomorrow.

It was hard to say goodbye to Bubbles, but Mr. Israel's class is so excited for its second round of campers. Tomorrow he is getting a pair of budgies.  Guess his room will be going to the birds!  Stay tuned for pictures and more about them tomorrow.

Rat Bath!

Cookie and Cream had their second "Rat Bath" today.  They tolerated it well, but also showed us their great jumping skills!

Mr. Buyck getting Cream in the bath.

Bubbles Gets Adopted!!!

Last night was a great one for Mr. Israel's foster Guinea Pig, Bubbles.  She was finally done with her gestation hold and was ready to go to her forever home.  She was loved by all the students, but only one of them gets to take her home.  Bubbles will be joining Payton and her family, and is all ready to move into her new cage and get to know her new family.  We, at Critter Camp, are excited that she is going home with one of our students, so we can get updates on how she is doing.  Congrats, Payton and Bubbles!

Payton is all smiles, and ready to take Bubbles home!

KCCI New Channel 8 Visited us Tuesday!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Watch us tonight on KCCI 8 News at 5:00

Cynthia Fodor visited our classroom today to find out more about Hope, the babies, and what we do here at Critter Camp.  Watch the story tonight at 5:00!  We will post the video here later this week too!

Monday, February 24, 2014

And the name is....HOPE

After a bit of quick discussion, we have decided that our new sweet momma bunny should be named Hope. After her crazy start in life, we feel that with her babies and a fresh start, she is full of hope, so it seemed like the perfect name.

Her first day in the room with all the kids went great.  Ms. Johnson and the 23 4th graders met in the hall at the beginning of the day and discussed the very cool and important responsibility we have been given. Caring for this poor momma and her babies was going to be a very big task.  We talked about why we had her, how we can help her, and what we need to do to make her life so much better now.  The students were very excited, but also understood how important it was to be respectful and quiet.  It was probably one of the calmest and quietest days all year!  They did a great job, and Hope was even comfortable enough to come out and check things out a little bit.

After the kids left, she snuggled with her babies, ate a ton more food and then took some time to stretch out and chill for a few minutes.  She seems to be much more at ease and happy.  We are all keeping our fingers crossed that things will go well for Hope and her 6 babies.  She has been a great mommy so far.  She situated her babies all snuggled in the blanket inside her little nest box and then she tucked the fleece fringes over the top to keep them safe and warm.
This mommy can eat!  Hope has been eating a TON of pellets and dark leafy greens.

Welcome to room 107 and our Menagerie!
Furby in her pen, Norbert (the bearded dragon, our permanent class pet) in his tank, and now Hope and her babies in their pen.  Oh and of course the 23 awesome 4th graders.

Hope is feeling a bit more relaxed and at home in her new space.

Baby Snuggle Time

When Ms. Johnson put the Momma and babies in their new home, she snapped a super quick video of the baby bunnies.  

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Crisis Campers Join Us

Early Saturday morning, Ms. Johnson received an email from Cindy at the ARL.  They had a rabbit who had babies Friday night after they made it safely back to the ARL.  This rabbit was one of 300+ animals rescued from the home in Davis County.  Cindy wanted this momma and her babies to have a safe place to grow and be taken care of, so she asked if we would help.  Ms. Johnson picked up Momma Bunny and her six new babies Saturday afternoon and brought them back to Windsor Critter Camp to settle in.  They are all doing well, and Furby and Norbert are sharing the room graciously. Check back for updates and names soon!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Helping the ARL in Emergency Times of Need

The Animal Rescue League removed around 300 animals from a home in southern Iowa today.  Our friend Cindy at the ARL alerted us to this, and let us know that they will need our help as many of the animals they took are small animals.  Critter Camp is ready to help and is mobilizing a few extra classrooms to help lighten the load as soon as these poor animals are ready for foster.  Please click on the ARL link on our page and consider donating.  They are going to need a lot of supplies to cover the care for all these new animals.

Reading with Rats

Cookie and Cream joined Ms. Johnson's class during reading groups today.  The boys spent some time hanging in Ms. Johnson's pocket and then got to make friends with a few students.

Cookie and Cream in Ms. Johnson's pocket

Olivia and Cream

Trey and Cookie

Furby's Furry Grooming Time

Having a long haired Angora rabbit has it's challenges.  Furby is a sweet girl, but needs constant grooming. The kids do a great job of keeping her brushed on top and she is such a good girl letting anyone brush her. Unfortunately that doesn't take care of the bottom, belly and those hard to reach places behind her ears. Thank goodness for our favorite music teacher, Mrs. Wilken!  She has become our official bunny groomer and has officially earned her Critter Camp Staff status!  She comes down everyday to help Ms. Johnson groom all those hard to reach places and has saved poor Furby from many uncomfortable mats and kept her from getting any "hot spots" from those mats!

Mrs. Wilken checking behind her ears.

Mats happen fast!

Carefully snipping.

Mrs. Wilken tackling a pretty big mat on her neck.

Furby was so great.  The scissors don't even phase her.

Making her pretty!

Furby and her Friends

Moo Law Eh, Jessica, and Pai Poe hanging with Furby.

Getting in some quality time before the weekend.

Some teamwork to tackle the grooming.

Working together to make Furby pretty.

Student Photographer Pics

Ikra, one of the 4th graders in Ms. Johnson's class, purchased a "Photographer Pass" with the behavior points she earned.  Here are some of her awesome pictures.