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Windsor Elementary 4th Grade and the Animal Rescue League of Iowa are partnering to create "Critter Camp". The 4th grade classrooms will be caring for small animals from the ARL that are in need of foster care until they are ready for adoption. This blog will share about our foster critters' progress and their search for their forever home.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Our First Camper Goes HOME!!!!

While Winter was lounging and enjoying her MLK holiday, the ARL and Ms. Johnson were emailing back and forth finalizing her adoption.  A wonderful family with a dark grey bunny named Willow has welcomed Winter into their family.  The two bunnies are quickly becoming friends.  

Students and staff got to say their good byes and wish Winter well on Tuesday before Ms. Johnson took her back to the ARL to meet her forever family.  The class wrote letters to Winter's new family and shared all about what we love and have learned about her.  
WInter in her kennel all wrapped up to stay warm for her journey to her forever home.
Yesterday we got an email with a picture from Winter's new family, it said:

Here's Winter meeting my other rabbit, Willow. She is such a sweetheart. Munches up veggies like she hasn't had anything to eat for days! Read the letters from the kids, most of them mentioned her binkies, I can't wait to see them. She's getting comfortable in her own cage with different levels to climb, and blankets and toys to throw around. I'll try to send some pictures later on after she's settled in.

Winter and her new sister Willow getting to know each other.

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