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Windsor Elementary 4th Grade and the Animal Rescue League of Iowa are partnering to create "Critter Camp". The 4th grade classrooms will be caring for small animals from the ARL that are in need of foster care until they are ready for adoption. This blog will share about our foster critters' progress and their search for their forever home.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Critter Camp" Student Counselor Daily Updates

We were sad when Winter left but we were happy that she got a wonderful family! We got 2 crazy=) animals Casper and Cleo! This morning Cleo got out of her cage and was laying right in front of the cage right next to Casper but she was OUT! When Ms.Johnson peeked in the door she was surprised that she got out but don't worry she caught her! We are going to get a bigger cage soon maybe! Well that's our new pets if you have any questions ask below! Also if you want to come see them come down=)

Our class misses Winter but at the same time we are happy for her. Winter has been with us for a long time, but we are happy for her.  We got new ones they are cool, they are named Casper and Cleo.  Ms. Johnson told us a story about how Cleo got out.  It was FUNNY!

Casper and Cleo like to be by each other.  They would rather be by each other then play with their toys unlike winter, she loved to play with her toys.  They rather be in the kennel.  I bet if you put them apart they will find each other.


The bunny that has darker ears is Cleo and the one that has lighter ears is Casper.


Cleo has a dark spot you can see if she lays down.


We all love Bubbles so much!  If you pet her near her rear end, she will squeak.  She also might pee on you.  She used to sleep and be afraid of all the noise.  Now she is always out and about.  Even though someone might adopt her, we will never forget the best little guinea pig in the world.


Bubbles is doing great.  She is eating food and drinking water as as usual, just being happy.  She's built a little nest out of hay.  She is always romping around having fun.  We recently cleaned her cage and I think she loves it.  If when someone is holding her you stick your finger by her mouth she will nibble you.  Her eyes twinkle in the light.


Bubbles has been a great class pet.  Sometimes we get Bubbles out of her cage and someone gets to hold her and carry her around the room and play with her.

--Eh Wah

Bubbles is a fat guinea pig.  She pees sometimes.  She moves her box in front of her little hide out spot. She is getting kind of used to us.


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