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Windsor Elementary 4th Grade and the Animal Rescue League of Iowa are partnering to create "Critter Camp". The 4th grade classrooms will be caring for small animals from the ARL that are in need of foster care until they are ready for adoption. This blog will share about our foster critters' progress and their search for their forever home.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hope and Skeekers

Hope and Skeekers are Bonded Buddies. They'll be adopted as a pair for $75.

Skeekers is a hilarious bunny with a little bit of a rough start. He was the runt of his litter and was kicked out of the next a few times. He's left his runt days behind now, though, and is one of the bigger bunnies in his litter! Skeekers loves his momma, Hope -- he follows her everywhere and loves to cuddle with her. He doesn't love being picked up, but as soon as you get him snuggled in, he falls asleep and loves being petted. He's very curious, too, and likes exploring your lap and anywhere you let him roam. He's doing great with litter training as well.
Hope is the most amazing bunny on so many levels. She had a very rough start in life and came to the ARL scared and pregnant. Her first night safe at the ARL she delivered her litter of 6 babies. Right away the next morning she and her babies were moved again to a foster home in a fourth-grade classroom at Windsor Elementary. Once there, Hope settled in and went to work being a good mom. Over the next few weeks she became a whole new bunny. She started to explore and learn that people were pretty great. She now begs for attention and will snuggle up next to you for hours if you just pet her. She is getting much more comfortable being held and just wants to be near you. She loves yogurt treats and kale and has also learned to love toys. Hope learned how to use the litter box in record time. At first she was scared of everything, but she has become a confident and perfect pet. Her student caregivers love her very much and spend as much time as they can petting her. Her ability to love and her comfort level with people is helping teach Skeekers to also be more comfortable. She and Skeekers will be an amazing addition to any loving family!


Skeekers and Hope



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