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Windsor Elementary 4th Grade and the Animal Rescue League of Iowa are partnering to create "Critter Camp". The 4th grade classrooms will be caring for small animals from the ARL that are in need of foster care until they are ready for adoption. This blog will share about our foster critters' progress and their search for their forever home.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Chessie and Maisy

Maisy and Chessie are Bonded Buddies. They'll be adopted as a pair for $75.

Chessie is a very curious little girl who can almost always be found standing on her hind legs looking around, even when she's eating! She has an amazingly fluffy face and adorable bangs that flop over her eyes. She is sassy and likes to be the boss sometimes -- she'll let you know what she likes and doesn't like with her trademark "thump" of her foot!
Maisy is a pretty low-key bunny who's happy just relaxing. When she is comfortable, she loves to snuggle, but she isn't the first one up begging to be petted. When she has her sister beside her, she is happy to hang out. Both of these girls are doing great with litter training. They like to play in their hidey house and take long naps (probably Maisy's favorite thing in the world). These girls would be great family pets!
 Baby Chessie


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